The guiding rule for this blog is 30 seconds or less. This is the amount of time I am giving myself to catch your interest. Podcasts vary greatly in length and the ones showcased in this blog are usually between 15 and 60 minutes. Despite the length, every now and then, not for every podcast but some, a singular moment seems just perfect. It is interesting, maybe funny, and it gives just enough information to make you want to hear more. That is the goal, draw you in so that the masterful minds of new media can get into your thoughts and hopefully help you understand the world around you.

Beyond the blog, this site is also going to periodically focus on individuals issues. Issues such as the military or climate change will be highlighted with their own page and a more in depth discussion. Check back often to see new content.

Frequently Visited Podcasts

Planet Money LogoPlanet Money: This one is probably my favorite show and is what really got me into podcasts. It comes from NPR and has a knack for finding hidden yet interesting stories in the economy. They also do their reporting in a different way. For instance, they wanted to understand the textile industry in the modern world so they made a T-shirt. They literally designed a shirt, put it up for sale and then used the proceeds from the sales to pay for their shows interviewing cotton farmers and cargo ship captains, everything it takes to get your cloths to you.

Freakonomics: If you have read the books you already know these guys are great. They explain “the hidden side of everything” by showing us the world through the eyes of an economist. Freakonomics Radio Logo

TED Radio Hour: Though I have been listening to TED talks for years, this show is a new find for me. In a way, the TED Radio Hour does exactly what I am trying to do with this blog, they take many different speakers and then tie them together with a common theme. The show also gives you more than just the talks, there are TEDRadioHourinterviews with the speakers to get more detailed information or different perspectives which were not in the talk itself.


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Sometime all it takes to understand whats happening is a new angle