Do you know where your turkey comes from?

This clip came from way back in the Freakonomics archive but it is worth sharing in honor of Thanksgiving.

There are a lot of interesting ways the modern food industry affects our lives but this is one aspect that I wouldn’t normally think about. You can find the whole podcast here, it is very short but it goes into a little more detail about how the turkey industry deals with the problem.

I also highly recommend the rest of the Freakonomics Radio podcasts which you can find on their website or iTunes.

My God…The Hippos!

Income inequality is an important topic on the American political scene today, but it is also an important topic on a global scale.  The clip below is a compilation from Ernesto Sirolli’s TED Talk on delivering aid to impoverished people.

Ernesto has a great story to tell about his attempts to bring foreign aid into Africa and why nearly every attempt to raise up the continent has failed. It reminds me of what was scene in Haiti after the earthquake where massive amounts of foreign food aid destroyed the few farmers that existed on the island.

Beyond Ernesto there are several other great talks on this episode of the TED Radio Hour including Chrystia Freeland who discusses how in relation to the rest of the world, the richest man to ever live is probably alive today in Mexico. Listen to her comments and three others by downloading the show from the website or iTunes.

Where is your breaking point?

Poverty is often talked about in terms of what to do about it, this excellent interview with the author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America talks more about what poverty looks like in America. This clip is something that I can identify with and I know there are A LOT of people suffering through these exact problems.


If you want to learn more about that you should listen to the recent 60 Minutes interview with the new head of the VA.

There are definitely some parts where I wanted to ask Linda Tirado “what exactly do you mean by that statement” because at face value it sounded pretty crazy. However, the interview is still very honest and full of good information. The book is going to make an excellent next read as soon as I finish the marathon which is Atlas Shrugged, good point-counterpoint. I highly recommend you download the full podcast either from the On Point website or iTunes.

Falling Oil Prices Bad?

This episode of Planet Money really gets to the heart of why I love this particular podcast. If you turn on CNBC, how likely are you to hear about someone who produces 20 or so barrels of oil a day.

In all of the talk about oil prices going up and down and how that affects the pockets of the consumer, I often forget that there are a lot of families who depend on the price of oil staying high. This is a good example of the give and take in the economy and that things aren’t always as simple as cheaper is better.

You can find more episodes at their website or on iTunes.

Everyday Leadership

This little snippet is one of the best commentaries on leadership that I have ever heard.

The last act of this 45 minute podcast from NPR’s TED Radio Hour, Drew Dudley delivers hilarious stories and profound truth about the way we approach leadership in the world. His full talk can be found here. This episode of the TED Radio Hour is entitled Disruptive Leadership and it offers many diverse ideas about what leadership is about and how to find it in others and yourself.

General Stanley McChrystal talks about his experiences of leadership in Afghanistan, you can find his TED Talk here.

The controversial Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg discusses her book, Lean In, and how both men and women are responsible for the problems our society has in dealing with roles of the sexes. Her full talk can be found here.

The final installment came Bunker Roy who discusses his experiences in teaching grandmothers to be engineers.

You can find the entire podcast and all of the others from the show at their website.

What Are You Doing?

If you listen to podcasts, especially anything from NPR, you have probably heard of StartUp. Alex Blumberg, formerly a part of This American Life and Planet Money, has decided to leave NPR, start his own business and make a podcast about starting that business. I found episode one great not just because I love the way Alex tells stories, but because of the bearing I felt it had on my life. Though I am not starting a business, I did recently decide to leave my job and start a new career. The series of exchanges on this excerpt is the kind of conversation that every job seeker needs to get into their head before they start talking to a potential employer.

I highly recommend the full podcast and the entire series which you can find at

This American Life #540: A Front

Act One and Two of this episode were the most interesting to me and involves what most people would describe as government missteps. Act One, featured in the audio clip, discusses the many failings of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, commonly known as the ATF, in their failed attempts in numerous operations around the country. Often it sounds like the ATF agents if anything created more crime because of their operations.

Act Two goes into a lot of detail about U.S. Border checkpoints that are far from the border, sometimes over 50 miles. I haven’t spent much time near the Mexican border so I have never interacted with these checkpoints but some people have to pass through them regularly and some people react in amazing ways. You can follow this link to, mentioned in the podcast, to find out more information and link to the numerous YouTube videos of these encounters.

As always, you can download the full podcast at or find it on iTunes.