Where is your breaking point?

Poverty is often talked about in terms of what to do about it, this excellent interview with the author of Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America talks more about what poverty looks like in America. This clip is something that I can identify with and I know there are A LOT of people suffering through these exact problems.


If you want to learn more about that you should listen to the recent 60 Minutes interview with the new head of the VA.

There are definitely some parts where I wanted to ask Linda Tirado “what exactly do you mean by that statement” because at face value it sounded pretty crazy. However, the interview is still very honest and full of good information. The book is going to make an excellent next read as soon as I finish the marathon which is Atlas Shrugged, good point-counterpoint. I highly recommend you download the full podcast either from the On Point website or iTunes.

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