Sum Up the Courage

I couldn’t agree more with Ben Saunders in this clip.

Ben is actually a prolific TEDster. He has given three talks on his experiences “dragging heavy things around cold places.” These experiences include skiing to both the North Pole and the South Pole. He offers tremendous insight into the importance of reaching out and seeking more. You can find his most recent TED talk here.

This episode of the TED Radio Hour came at a great time for me because I had just finished watching Wanderers, a new short film floating around the internet. No doubt Sagan would count these individuals among his “restless few.”

The other speakers on this episode continued with the high standard of exploration set by Ben. One near to my heart is Bill Stone. Bill has explored some of the deepest caves on Earth and is now trying to use that knowledge to set up an exploration mission to the moon.

Roz Savage decided it would be a good idea to try and cross the Atlantic in a row boat and after completing the journey thought, why not the Pacific?

Finally, Philippe Petit tells of the day in 1974 when he walked between the twin towers on a tight rope.


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