Why gyms don’t want you to workout

Because I move around a lot, I have used many different gyms. Golds Gym, the YMCA, Lifetime Fitness, I have been to them all. Several years ago I started to feel something in the back of my mind. It seemed to me if you really wanted to workout, most gyms were not designed for you. Despite being marketed as a place to workout, they often made it hard to actually complete that workout. It seems like I was right.

With the New Year right around the corner, gyms around the country are preparing for the deluge of new customers to sign up . Of all those new customers, upwards of 80 percent of them will stop coming by the middle of February.

Why is all of this important? Because, as with all marketing, you need to know it is there in order to counter it. If you really are interested in getting yourself in better shape, you need to know that your gym, in a corporate sense, doesn’t want you to use your membership. Despite how motivational your fitness coach may be, he or she is operating inside a system designed to undermine your goals.

Now that you know, you can mentally prepare yourself. For those of you into fighting against the corporate powers that be, this can be your little battlefield. Every time you go to the gym it is a win for the little guys. However, don’t share this info with all of your friends. If all gym members started using their memberships, gyms would have to be a lot larger and thus more expensive. On second thought, don’t use your membership, I like my cheap pool access.

You can find this Planet Money in full at their website or on iTunes.

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