You may have heard of TED Talks. If you haven’t, I highly recommend you visit their website and watch some of the talks. Many of them are truly amazing. Though many people are willing to spend thousands of dollars to go to a TED conference in person, do many people know what TED actually means?

Yep, Technology, Entertainment, and Design. At first I didn’t really get this title. Why talk about those three subjects, I wouldn’t put design up there with technology in terms of being important for the future. But then, while listening to a panel discussion about science from ASU, I thought of it differently. Someone asked about how entertainment such as the Big Bang Theory should be seen by the scientific community and if it is good or bad to focus on entertainment. Their discussion basically lead me to a new understanding of the TED acronym. It isn’t Technology, Entertainment, and Design it is discussing Technology in an Entertaining and beautifully Designed way.

This is incredibly important. It is the heart of what has made Apple so successful. It is the reason why so many great ideas fail. There is nothing truly groundbreaking about this idea but it is important to be reminded of it. You always need to take that extra second to look at what you are doing one more time. Can the word choice be just a little bit better? Should the surface texture be just a little bit different? Those margins are what often make a difference in a globalized world.

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